Cafe Panic

Cafe Panic Game

Show your management skills in a fun cooking game called Cafe Panic! You play the role of a male or a female barista running a famous coffee shop in this title. This is your chance to prove your managing skills and see if you can bring a big profit to your coffee shop. Get ready to play the game for free in your browser!

In Cafe Panic unblocked, you are will try to get more customers to come to your shop for tasty drinks. When they come, you will begin taking their orders one by one. After that, you start making drinks following the orders they have given to you. If the drinks are right, everyone will be satisfied and give you more tips. Another thing you can do to make them more satisfied is that you have to bring the drinks to them fast enough before they get angry for waiting too long. You know that customers don’t have that kind of patience. Make sure you always pay attention when taking the orders and try not to get it wrong because this will have an effect on the customers’ satisfaction and the tips they give you. As you progress and make your coffee shop more popular, you will get access to new items or even unlock more shops to expand your business. Come play Cafe Panic for free then see if you can conquer all the challenges! Have fun!

How to play Cafe Panic

Choose an action and interact with objects in the game using the mouse.

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