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Masked Forces 3

Masked Forces 3

Date added: 2019-04-05
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0.0 / 10


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Move your fighter using arrow keys or WASD. Jump with the spacebar, aim then shoot with the mouse, zoom with themouse, change weapons with keys 1-6 or the mouse wheel scroll, run with key Shift, reload ammo with key R, toggle the mouse cursor with key L, pause or open the menu with key Esc, open the map with key M and chat with key T. 


Have your skills ready and point your gun up for more challenges in Masked Forces 3! In the game, you will aim and shoot down all enemies as you attempt to protect yourself from their attacks. Use your strategies to outplay all foes, keep yourself alive until the end of the battle and come out as the ultimate victor. Masked Forces 3 gives you a chance to present your excellent shooting ability. Let's play it right now! Good luck to you!

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