99 Balls

99 Balls Game

If you are bored with common bubble shooter games, don’t worry, with 99 Balls unblocked, you are going to have a new experience and have a chance to present your shooting skills. 99 Balls online is an upgraded bubble shooter game online that is a combination of the classic Bubble Shooter and Breakout. All you have to do is to aim then shoot all the balls for scores! As mentioned above, due to that combination, the gameplay will be a little bit different. Each ball has a specific number on it. The mission for you is to shoot all the balls until their numbers reach zero. All numbered balls have to be destroyed before they get to the bottom of the screen. You will shoot the balls using the given orange circle. Where the circle stops will be the starting position for the next shot. This means you have to be careful when aiming and adjusting the angle if you want to have advantageous shooting positions. Also, you should gather circles to grow the number of circles you can throw at the same time. Don’t forget to pick up stars to unlock brand new weapons. The more you proceed into the game, the higher the numbers on the balls you have to destroy, making the game more challenging. Will you get through all the stages in 99 Balls game? Play and have fun with it!

How to play 99 Balls

Click and drag the left mouse button backwards to aim then release the mouse to shoot.

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