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Slenderman History: WWII Faceless Horror

Slenderman History: WWII Faceless Horror

Date added: 2019-02-27
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0.0 / 10


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Press WASD to move, Space to jump, Ctrl to crouch, X to lay down, LMB to attack, RMB to aim, 1-5 to switch weapons, R to reload, F to pickitems.


Slenderman History: WWII Faceless Horror is a 3D first-person shooter. Play against the undead and explore secrets hidden by the Nazi during World War 2! It was related to a series of medical experiments on soldiers. They tried to create a superman. Unfortunately, they generated a scary monster. Now, you are sent to discover the place and restore two briefcases with relevant documents. More importantly, do not forget to defend yourself against that creature. It's time to break into the base! Good luck!

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