UNO Online

UNO Online Game

UNO Online is a cool card game you can play with a lot of friends from around the world for fun and nice experiences. Rather than playing UNO Online free on a mobile device, now you can jump into it on PC then challenge friends to various matches. The PC version has nothing different from the mobile version, which means the gameplay remains the same.

You may have become familiar with the gameplay if you already played it on mobile. But for the newbies, here are some basic rules for playing UNO Online unblocked on PC. Each player is given 7 cards from the beginning. These cards come with many types, such as draw card, skip card, reverse card, and wild card. Wild card is the strongest card of all. If you have lots of wild cards as well as know how to use them well, you will have a chance to win. Turn by turn, players have to discard cards that are in the same color or the same number until you don’t have any cards left. A thing to note is that you must click the UNO button to call out UNO when you have one last card left. In case you don’t have any cards that match your friend’s card, you must pick a new one from the draw pile then put it in your hand. Try to be the first one who has no cards left to become the winner. Have fun!

How to play UNO Online

Interact with your cards using the left mouse button.

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