Seven Days in Purgatory

Seven Days in Purgatory Game

How fast can you make a decision? Play a fun decision-making game called Seven Days in Purgatory to experience awesome challenges. The game is all about making decisions to vanquish all the challenges. You are the one that the collapsed humans can count on. When people meet their ends, they will go to either heaven or hell, but going to which place is not decided by them. You are the gate inspector of purgatory who will decide their fates. There is a list of various pointers for you to take a look at before you give out any decisions. You need to analyze what a person did when they were alive. Don’t worry if you cannot decide their places to go, you can check a guidebook featured in the game and you will know what to do. The guidebook is a crucial element you should use wisely for a chance of getting through all challenges, especially when you have no ideas about how to make decisions. Their fates are in your hand! You may feel a little bit burdensome for this mission, but that’s what you have to do if you want to beat Seven Days in Purgatory unblocked. You aim to take control of the gates effectively. Are you ready for the challenges in this logic game? Play it now for free!

How to play Seven Days in Purgatory

Use the left mouse button to control, interact and make a choice in the game.

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